Asia for Dummies

Singapore is in the middle of South-East Asia, surrounded by countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. India, China, Hong-Kong, Taïwan and Korea are not far away. But Singapore is also an (if not the) economical center of the region, attracting many international companies and foreign workers, coming along with their religions, cultures and food specialties.

Hindou temple

Boudhist temple

Since the creation of the country, 4 main cultures are mixing together: British, Malay, Tamil and Chinese (and all the underlaying regional cultures and dialects). Adding all the “imported” cultures to the pot and you get a city buzzing with different food styles, dress style, religions. You are able in 2 MRT stations to jump from China to India and exchanging you chicken feet for a garlic naan. A few more stops and you are sitting in an Irish pub with an IPA watching Manchester against Chelsea.

The Pump Room

Singapore is clean, organized and safe and you are able to communicate (it takes some time to convert your Oxford-School-English to Singlish). You can have asian culture, but without the hassle of a overcrowded, polluted and unorganized city. And if you have too much of asia, you can clear your mind in many Caucasian places ranging from restaurants, to malls or fast-foods. Nice way to dive into asia by small baby steps, still holding on your home habits safety railing.

Multi-Language everywhere
Malaysian style shop houses
Boat Quay