Singapore Is Green

Merlion and financial center

For almost every European, Singapore is either a financial town with high rise buildings and men in suits, or just an airport where you can have a massage while waiting for your connecting flight to Sydney.

Financial district

In reality, Singapore has a lot of green areas to offer. It can take the shape of a small park or amazing landscapes of lakes and forest serving as drinking water reservoir. The PCN (Park Connector Network) let you walk, bike or blade from one park to another, offering you a lot more outdoor activity than someone would expect.

Pulau Ubin

Punggol Waterway

MacRitchie Reservoir

Map of MacRitchie

All this areas are well planned and serve a 20 years or longer plan, nothing is left to the nature. But even so, it is always nice to escape the asphalt for some water and trees.